Analysis of Online Learning Implementation and Learning Independence Based on Learning Management System in Electrical Engineering Education Students of Nusa Cendana University

Yetursance Y. Manafe, Louis F. Beosday, Maria M. E. Bere


The dynamics of the application of learning from time to time always changes according to the times and also certain situations. In early 2019, offline learning must adapt to online learning conditions due to the covid-19 pandemic that has hit the whole world. Online learning is carried out using various platforms, one of which is the Learning Management System (LMS). The aim of this study are: to analyze the implementation of online learning and LMS-based independent learning in Electrical Engineering Education students at Nusa Cendana University. The method used is descriptive qualitative using data collected on google form as many as 24 questions. The research subjects were 267 students in the Electrical Engineering Education Study Program. The results obtained by the lecturers are the key in fostering independence and learning success using LMS based on 6 indicators that provide the largest contribution, namely: (1). High authority, discipline, responsibility and commitment by 77.90%, (2). Good communication is 77.53%, (3) Supporting the Graduate Profile and CPL (Graduate Learning Outcomes) of Study Program is 76.03%. (4) Availability of RPS (Semester Learning Plan) of 75.66% (5) The suitability of RPS with study program curriculum is 74.53 (6). The learning method that encourages students to learn actively (independently) is 71.91%. The conclusion of this study, the role of lecturers is the key in growing independence and learning success using LMS.


Independent Learning; LMS; Online Learning; Electrical Engineering Education

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