Shifting the Meaning Regarding Damages on Good Intention Party in the Implementation of Land Acquisition for Public Interest

Sisca Utami Damayanti, Moch. Bakri, Masruchin Ruba’i, Iwan Permadi


The research used is normative legal research. Arrangements for land acquisition promulgated through Law no.  2 of 2012 specifically became the strongest legal basis used in land acquisition for the benefit of public development.  Land acquisition in many cases causes cases, especially regarding the provision of compensation in the land acquisition process due to data manipulation by third parties with bad intentions where the subject in land control is not necessarily the owner of the land object. In Article 18 paragraph 2 letter f and g in Government Regulations No 19 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of Land Procurement for Development in the Public Interest, it seems as if it positions the community as a vulnerable party in the context of land acquisition because they are the rightful party in the event of a dispute over land objects that are in fact controlled and/or illegally owned by third parties. In addition, it also opens up opportunities for irresponsible parties to falsify proof of ownership of land objects by taking advantage of this norm gap.


Public; Shifting; Regarding

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