The Right to Informed Consent for Communities That Is Injected with the Covid-19 Vaccine in Health Services in Ambon City

Arman Anwar, Veriena J.B. Rehatta


The city of Ambon is included in another implementation of level 3 micro community activities (PPKM) because considering the spike in the number of positive Covid-19 confirmations, which is very high compared to the Maluku Province area. The government then set a mass vaccination program as a top priority, but this policy created pros and cons among the public because they were worried about post-vaccination follow-up events (AEFI). This study aims to examine the protection of the right to informed consent for people who are injected with the COVID-19 vaccine at health services in Ambon City. The research method used is empirical/sociolegal law, which is carried out through a review of regulations and literature, field observations and interviews with relevant sources. The results of this study found that doctors and health workers who carried out vaccinations had maximally carried out informed consent and sought optimal implementation procedures, only that vaccination services, especially those located in Merdeka Square, needed to make some improvements in their implementation, such as completing the doctor's identity data in the vaccination card. which has not been well documented, communication that can be carried out in an informative manner, and relatively little time used so that it needs to be added and the lack of comfort and safety from the risk of covid 19 for health workers and privacy for vaccine recipients must be considered.


Rights; Informed Consent; Vaccination; Covid 19; Health Services

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