The Influence of Parents Attention and Interest in Learning Learning Achievement

Indri Silvia Fadilla, Risma Margaretha Sinaga, Pujiati Pujiati


This study aims to determine the influence of parents attention and learning interest in the learning achievement of IPS students VIII in  SMP Negeri 3 Natar. The method used in this study uses quantitative research. The population in this study were all students and parents of students at the class level VIII SMP Negeri 3 Natar which consists of 128 students and 128 parents (mother) and The sample in this study was 64 students and 64 parents. The sampling technique used is proportional (proportional random sampling). This study uses questionnaire and documentation data collection techniques. The results of this study have a distribution of perspectives of 5,679 in high categories Judging from various indicators that can influence the influence of parents attention. Meanwhile, the influence between learning interest in learning achievement of IPS class VIII students have a frequency distribution of 85,769 in a high category.


Parents Attention; Learning Interest; Learning Achievement

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