Syntactic and Semantic Features of Three-Act Verbs in Russian and Uzbek Languages

Fakhriddin Israilovich Abdurakhmanov


Research of syntactic-semantic analysis of three-act verbs consists in theoretical comprehension of transformational grammar in its enormous explanatory power. The core of transformational grammar is the idea of the core of the language, consisting of the simplest linguistic structures, from which all other linguistic structures of greater or lesser complexity can be derived. The problem of invariance, which is the central problem of modern structural linguistics, finds its most profound solution precisely in transformational grammar. The core of the language includes simple, declarative, active sentences, the so-called core sentences. In European languages, verb sentences are most common. They are followed by substantive, adjective and adverbial sentences in decreasing order of usage. In a simple sentence, the verb does not have to be the central node, but if there is a verb in the sentence, it is always the center of that sentence.


Distributive-Transformational Scheme; Frame, Case Meaning; Actant, Semantic Class; Nuclear Construction, Transform; Actant Verb; Distribution of an Element; Structural Linguistics; Transformational Grammar

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