Developing Cognitive Activities of Primary School Students based on an Innovative Approach

Mahfuza Abbosovna Gafurova


A teacher makes a logical observation of the problem based on his/her knowledge and experiences. Through reflecting the way of solving the problem, he/she makes a plan how to deal with the problem based on the feedback from the students and the results of the specific actions performed in the activities. Such research activities of students can give the expected results if they become a need to stimulate their cognitive activity. Therefore, solving different types of problems, changing the form of problems on the conditions and applying thinking operations serve as a means of shaping the interest of students in learning. The article describes the essence of the interest in learning, the specifics of the main stages of its development, shows that the teaching of mathematics is related to the learning objectives, describes ways and means of developing an interest in learning.


Textual Problem; Logical Observation; Interest in Learning; Motivation for Learning Activities; Ways to Develop Interest in Learning

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