The Policy of Boyolali Regency Government “Boyolali Movement Stay at Home” in Handling Covid 19 and Economic Impact to the Culinary-Based Community

Tegar Satrio Wicaksono, Sulistiyanta Sulistiyanta


Public policy is an action taken by the central and local governments as an effort to respond various problems occurred in society. This research belongs to the type of non-doctrinal research (socio legal research) because in this study, law is conceptualized as a manifestation of the symbolic meanings of social behavior as seen in their interactions, taking the research location in Boyolali Regency. Data was collected by interview and documentary in order to obtain primary and secondary data. The data analysis used qualitative analysis. The results showed that: 1) the policy of Boyolali Local Government with the Boyolali Movement to Stay at Home can effectively prevent and reduce the spread of Covid 19, 2) the economic impact of the culinary-based community with the enactment of the policy is quite felt, however, the community does not have the ability to refuse or violate policies specified.


Policy; Covid 19; Community economy; Culinary

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