Factors Analysis Related to Handwashing Behavior Among the Students to Prevent Third Wave Pandemic

Esthi Kusdarini, Agus Budianto


This study aims to developed a habit model of handwashing to identify the factors and variables influencing handwashing habits. Testing model of a set of empirical data collected from 160 randomly selected students of Mining Engineering students. Furthermore, the data was collected, sorted, and analyzed statistically using descriptive statistics and correlation tests. Data representation, validation, and data correlation were conducted in MS Excel and SPSS 20. Model testing showed no relation between knowledge and washing hand habit; attitude was strongly related with handwashing attitude (Pearson correlation value of 0.688), and clean water facilities had a moderate relationship with handwashing attitude (Pearson correlation value of 0.582). Testing of determination coefficient from the model showed that knowledge, attitudes, and clean water facilities contributed 56.2% from all variables relating to hand wash habit. Variable findings that influenced hand wash habits could be a suggestion for the decision-maker to arrange the policy of handwashing development in the campus to prevent the covid-19 virus.


Correlation test; Handwashing; Knowledge; Clean water; Attitude

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