Consept Analysis: Acehnese Ethnic Style Party Fashion Design

Rahmi Rahmi, Rosmala Dewi, Nurasiah Nurasiah, Fitriana Fitriana, Abdul Azis


In general, this research is an effort to preserve culture, especially the culture of dress, by digging deeper into the current Acehnese ethnic clothing, then using it as a source of ideas to create a party dress design with Acehnese ethnic nuances. The research approach used is qualitative, with ethnographic methods. There are currently 5 ethnic Acehnese clothing, namely coastal Aceh, inland Aceh, mountainous Aceh, Aneuk Jame, and Tamiang. Of the five types of Acehnese ethnic clothing that exist today, there are several differences, namely in the type of material, color of material, form of decoration (motif), color of decoration, technique of application of decoration and fashion model. Each ethnic dress has a characteristic that distinguishes one ethnic dress from another, which is said to be an identity.


Design; Acehnese Ethnic; Fashion Design

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