The Impact of Translation Techniques on the Quality of Translation of Judgment Expression that Describes the Main Characters in the Untamed TV Series

Adilla Achmad Syahputri, Mangatur Rudolf Nababan, Tri Wiratno


The choice of translation technique in translating subtitles greatly affects the quality of translation, both in terms of accuracy, acceptability, and readability. This study aims to determine the impact of choosing a translation technique on the quality of translation and the impact of shifts that occur due to the selection of an inappropriate technique. This study focuses on Judgment's expressions that describe the main character. This is a descriptive qualitative research that focuses on translation research. Data collection uses focus group discussion analysis content. From the results of the study, it was found that there were 5 types of Judgment expressions with a total of 194 data. The type of Judgment that is most used in describing the main character is propriety (-). There are 8 techniques used in this translation and the techniques that most affect the accuracy of the translation are deletion and discursive creation. The results of the focus group discussion also show that although it was found that there were 41 data that experienced a shift, the quality of the translation in terms of accuracy, acceptability, and readability had a good score.


Subtitle; Translation Quality; Translation Technique; Judgment Expression; Translation Shift

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