Political Leadership and Transactional Leadership

Angela Efianda, Iswahyuni Iswahyuni


Leadership is the activity to influences others in order to guide them towards a certain goal (Miftah Thoha, 2013; 121). A leader is someone with capabilities and advantages so that they can influences and guides others to work together for a similar goal. Political leadership covers a wide range of topics due to how a country are constituted by structures designed to run it. Transactional leadership occurs because by default leadership is a form of social control between the leader and its subordinates. Transactional leadership or often called transactional politics has become its own problem. A normal kind of leadership when applied on other fields might become biased and pose a certain problem in the political sphere. Transactional politics can be hard to avoid especially in a presidential government system which involves multiple political parties. Transactional leadership is the kind of leadership modeled to attain a certain goal by giving rewards as well as guiding and controlling the subordinates so that they can work effectively and efficiently. It also focuses more on inter individual transaction, between the members and its managers.


Leadership; Politics; Transactional

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v8i9.3020


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