Financial Technology: Development of Innovative Fintech Start-Ups and Its Application in Banking System of Uzbekistan

Shamsiddin Amanullaevich Allayarov, Maktuba Ravshanova


In the context of globalization, labor migration, trade and capital movements, tourism, foreign investment, IT are affected by the economic growth rates of countries. Periodic disclosure of reforms in the new Uzbekistan, the beginning of socio-economic relations provided opportunities for modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of the industrial sector. In particular, the need for financial technology in commercial banks is important to conduct research in this area. The influence of fintech is beginning to be felt in the banking sector and capital markets. This article surveys its development and its impact on efficiency, banking market structure, strategies of incumbents and entrants, and financial stability.


Financial Technology; Commercial Bank; Capital Market; Digital Economy; Financial Institutions; Blockchain; Financial Services; Financial Policy

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