The Semantics Analysis of the Effective Factors on Safety Development in the Point of view of Qur’an

Mohammad-Mahdi Shahmoradi Fereidouni, Kothar Ranjbari


The present article tries to answer this question: From the point of view Qur’an, what are the factors that develop safety? The Qur’an is a book that guides and expresses all the things that have been revealed from God for the benefit and inquest of human beings. This research has used the Qur’an and thematic analysis method has been used to analyze the data. Thematic analysis is one of the common and efficient methods in qualitative research, converting diverse and scattered data into strong and formal data. After the inquiry, 21 safety factors were identified, which are divided into two parts: personal and institutional. The findings of this study show that the most important personal factors found are ritual and moral-psychological factors, and the most important institutional factors are political and social factors.


Safety; Qur’an; Thematic Analysis; Effective Factors; Thematic Networks

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