Trafficking Prevention Application through Optimizing the Role of Local Wisdom

Any Suryani Hamzah, Mohammad Irfan, Mohammad Sood


Local wisdom is a set of value that community members refer to for preventing and handling various issues. Local wisdom that still lives in the society is retained and practiced in daily life by some members of the community. Community members also continue to listen and respect customary, religious and indigenous leaders. As an example, in some areas, children from poor families can continue their education, due to encouragement from traditional, religious and community leaders as well as support from other community members. Once these children graduated school, they can contribute to their community. Literatures have reported that community has an important role in preventing human trafficking. Community also adheres to value system put higher emphasis on women and children and their rights. Families that abandon their female family members and children will be considered as irresponsible families.


Local Wisdom; Prevention; Women; Children

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