Methodology of the Commentary Makhzan Al-‘Irfān by Lady Amin (Regarding the Interpretation of the Verses Related to “Women” in the Qur'an)

Hassan Asgharpour, Ali Safari, Robab Emamian


This descriptive-analytical research is devoted to the review of the methodology and interpretive approach of Lady Nusrat Begum Amin in her commentary of Makhzan al-‘Irfān. The results show that Lady Amin, considering various narrations that confirm and encourage the use of the Qur’an in interpretation, has widely used the interpretive method of Qur'an by Qur'an. Narrations, as the second source of interpreting the Qur'an, have played a significant role in this commentary as well. In addition, the use of the source of reason (aql) and rational arguments is also often seen in the interpretation of verses to the extent that sometimes the commentator prefers the rule of reason to the appearance (zāhir) of the verse and commentators’ opinions. In this commentary, sufficient attention has been paid to the role of Arabic literature for interpreting the Qur'an, since in its different places, morphological and syntactic issues have been used extensively and the interpreter sometimes mentions the use of rhetorical methods in the verses. There are also many philosophical issues in this book, which itself proves the author's profound philosophical knowledge. The commentator has also tried to discover the esoteric meanings of the verses of the Qur'an, noting that in discovering the esoteric meanings, she has paid attention to the appearance of the verses and has taken very cautious steps in this field. In this commentary, theological and doctrinal issues are also discussed in detail along with some verses. Theological discussions are in some cases with an independent title and in some cases in the form of questions and answers. In her commentary, Lady Amin has dealt with jurisprudential issues very little and only for a brief explanation of the verses. Considering the prominent role of different interpretive methods and approaches, her interpretation can be considered as a comprehensive one. In interpreting the verses related to women in the Qur'an, Lady Amin has emphasized paying attention to the types of inherent and non-intrinsic differences between men and women. He stressed the need to pay attention to these differences in providing a correct interpretation of verses related to women.


Makhzan al-‘Irfān fī ‘Ulūm al-Qur’an; Lady Amin (Nusrat Begum Amin); Interpreting the Verses Related to Women

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