Implementation of Law Number 13 Year 2003 Concerning Labor Related to Legal Protection Against Outsourcing Workers in Ternate City

Rusli N Tawary, Wahda Zainal Imam, Suwarti Suwarti


This research is about legal protection for workers/laborers at outsourcing service companies in Ternate City related to the protection of the rights of outsourced workers/laborers in which workers' rights are normative rights in the form of permanent or contractual employment relationships, wages/salaries that are in accordance with the UMK, normal working hours, the rights of BPJS Employment and BPJS Health, protection at work using PPE personal protective equipment so that workers/laborers can be protected from the risk of occupational accidents, the company's obligation is to carry out all the fulfillment of workers'/labor's rights which have been regulated in the regulations employment. That legal protection for the people is a preventive and responsive government action. Preventive legal protection aims to prevent disputes from occurring, which directs government actions to be careful in making decisions based on discretion and responsive protection aims to prevent disputes from occurring, including their handling in the judiciary.


Legal Protection, Rights of Outsourcing Workers; Obligations of Outsourcing Service Companies

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