Problems of Increasing the Biocompatibility of Materials Used in Medicine

Marufjon Mukhtorovich Mamajonov, Pavel Evgenievich Lushchik, Murodjon Turgunbaevich Botirov, Yuri Gennadievich Alekseev


A review of modern literature on the development of biocompatible implants based on modern technologies, including bioengineering and nanostructuring, is presented. The advantages and disadvantages of implants based on metals and alloy, ways of improving their biological and mechanical properties are shown. In connection with the rapid development of many branches of science and technology, as well as in medicine, the problem arose of obtaining new materials, in particular, alloys with valuable physicochemical properties, which are used for the implant of cardiology, traumatology, orthopedics and other industries. Study of biocompatibility of medical devices based on metals and alloys, search for ways to overcome the low engraftability of implanted structures.


Biocompatibility; Metal Allergy; Implants; Medical Materials; Artificial Materials; “Metal” Hypersensitization

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