Calisthenics Activity as Urban Society Culture of Lampung, Indonesia: in Terms of Expectations, Appreciation, and Public Perception of Calisthenics Activity in Street Workout Lampung Community

Hari Hanggoro, Agus Kristiyanto, Muchsin Doewes


The development of the times make the public aware that maintaining health is important but this is not supported by the availability of time because it runs out for other activities,and the presence of calisthenics makes the public feel easy to exercise anywhere and anytime, this study aims to see where the concept of calisthenics sport growing in the public and see the supporting aspects so that this sport can grow and be liked by many people. The results obtained  in terms of public expectations such as wanting a fit body, healthy, long life, want to be popular, have a complete training program, provide great motivation ,public space provision in the countryside, and from the appreciation marked by the participation of the community is the availability of calisthenics facilities, public space provision, sponsorship support, the ease of licensing, access to information, provide educational space, the freedom of use of facilities, and the preservation of facilities, public perceptions are also very positive in describing calisthenics, the role of government, the concept of exercise, the concept of community and public can describe how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with calisthenics and the conclusions are the development of calisthenics in Lampung province creates a good perspective for the public. This is reflected in the high expectations, appreciation and public perception to  street workout community, the public also knows aspects of exercise in this community, and exercise routines are always awake, also the support of government and stakeholders through the provision of a new public space is also getting better, and with the discretion given by the government, health services can provide services in sports centers with a very professional, and also in the provision of public education space, make experts in sports, health, nutrition, psychology can be assembled  and share information to the public.


Appreciation; Calisthenics; Expectation; Perception; Street Workout

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