The Certainty of Return on Investment in the Toll Road Concession Agreement Due to the Replacement of Land Procurement for Toll Road by Using the Bailouts Fund of Toll Road Business Entities

Saktia Lesan Dianasari, Adi Sulistyono, Hari Purwadi


This study has purpose to determine the certainty of return on investment in the toll road concession agreements due to the replacement of land procurement for toll road by using the bailout funds of toll road business entities. This study was conducted by using a normative legal research with a comparative approach. The data used in this study were secondary data. The data collection technique in this study was done through literature study. The data were analyzed by using deductive legal material analysis techniques. From the results of the research and studies, it was found that the use of bailouts fund from the toll road business entities was ineffective and there were still some obstacles in its implementation.


Bailouts; Toll Road Business Entity; Land Procurement

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