A Discourse of Theater Performance in Improving Nationalism in Surakarta

Roni Desi Tarwanto, Dwi Susanto Susanto, Wakit Abdullah Abdullah


Indonesian nationalism is the manifestation of Indonesians’ love to their State and homeland based on Pancasila. Nationalism is now in new civilization vortex called globalization and encounters increasingly big challenge. The feeling of nationalism has been eroded now and faded gradually as time progresses. Therefore, many parties begin to revive nationalism spirit through some activities, one of which is through theatrical art. Theatrical art was expected to improve nationalism in Surakarta City. Surakarta City or so called Solo is an autonomous area with city status under Central Java Province. This article attempted to discuss “what the role of theatrical art is in improving nationalism”.  For that through theater performances with themes that uphold the values of nationality have represented and increased nationalism in the city of Surakarta.


Keywords: Discourse, Theatrical Performance, Nationalism, theater comunity in Surakarta City



Discourse; Theatrical Performance; Nationalism; Theater Comunity in Surakarta City

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v8i7.2867


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