Biography and Services of Seyyed Abdollah Entezam Vaziri

Mansour Rashidi, Ali Ghanbarian


Seyyed Abdollah Entezam Vaziri is one of the political and social figures in the Pahlavi period in Iran (1895-1983). He is originally from the city of Tafresh, one of the cities of Markazi province, and his lineage goes back to Imam Zin al-Abedin AS, one of the Shiite Imams. He has held senior executive positions as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oil Company of Iran, and has represented Iran in international organizations. Executive works did not hinder Seyyed Abdollah’s scientific activities, and he was able to write and translate several books. His family were also of the famous figures in the Qajar period and had social and cultural services. Famous members of his family include Mirza Mousa Vazir and Mirza Isa Khan Vazir. The purpose of the present article is to explain and study the various aspects of the life of Seyyed Abdollah Entezam Vaziri. The method of data collection is library and the explanatory-analytical method is used in information processing. In this article, we have attempted to use authentic historical books and sources.

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The Holy Quran.

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