Novel Analysis to the Film Melbourne Rewind Contains Reductions, Changes, Variations and Additions

Indah Putri Elbetri, Suyitno Suyitno, Raheni Suhita


This study discusses novel ecranization study to the film Melbourne Rewind. In this study that every ecranization or change of literary works such as novels that turn into films there is a reduction, changes in variations and additions that are like words in novel literary works, that writing becomes a form of moving images in a film consisting of plot, characters and setting. The purpose of this study is to describe the subtraction, change of variations and additions contained in the novel to the film Melbourne Rewind. The research method used is descriptive qualitative method. The approach used is the ecranization approach. Data were collected by reading, recording and analyzing documents from novels to films. The results of this study indicate that in the study of ecranization from novels to films, there are changes, additions and subtractions consisting of plot, setting and characters.


Ecranization; Film; Melbourne Rewind; Novel; Literature

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