The Necessity of Methodological Patterns in the Qur'an Based on "Comprehensiveness"

Zohreh Akhavanmoghadam


There are various theories about the comprehensiveness of the Quran, each based on a specific interpretation of the traditions and verses. In terms of the terms, the verse 89 of Surah al-Nahl is general in the phrase "Objectively Located Objects" That is to say,despite the word "whole", the Qur'an is absolutist in content, and its dissenters interpret the verses and traditions of comprehensiveness of the majority without compelling reason and publicize them. The present article, in an analytical way, seeks to prove the versatility of the majority of the Qur'an. Based on the basic propositions of the sciences, this article seeks to conclude that, besides the comprehensive Quran, there are all worldly and human needs, and the various sciences are one of the human needs, even in presenting the principles and methods of science. It iscomprehensive. It is worth noting that the attribution of comprehensiveness to the Qur'an is a debate, and who can unravel that comprehensiveness is another.


Comprehensiveness of the Quran; Methodology; Explanation; Imam Science

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