Cultural Relationship of Uzbekistan and Germany (In Historical Aspect)

Sadirjan Bakievich Yakubov


This article is devoted to analyzing cultural relationship of Uzbekistan and Germany in historical aspect. The enrichment and flourishing of art is facilitated by acquaintance and mutual exchange of the achievements of national cultures. Periodicals make a worthy contribution to the implementation of contacts and cooperation. The traditions of organizing events were formed in the 60s and 70s of the last century. Many Uzbek films have gained great popularity abroad. The number of short films has increased significantly. Thousands of German spectators applauded songs performed by People’s Artist Botir Zokirov in 1967.


Periodicals; National Art; International Symposia; Forum; Traditions; Cultural Enrichment; Cultural Cooperation; Popularity;The Most Important Phenomenon; Strengthening; Integration Process; International Ties

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