Analysis of Sales Strategy Factors Against Consumer Purchase Interest in Buying Motorbike: Empirical Study on Sinar Baru Dealer Pamekasan

Runik Puji Rahayu


The purpose of this study was to determine the sales strategy which consists of determining targets, serving and selling simultaneously influencing consumer buying interest in buying motorbikes at the new Sinar pamekasan dealer. To find out which factor has the most dominant influence on consumer buying interest at the new Sinar Baaru dealer in Pamekasan. This study uses a quantitative method, using multiple linear regression equation techniques, and the population in this study are all consumers who are making purchases at a new ray dealer in pamekasan, so from that the population in the pamekasan new ray dealer is not counted or unlimited. The sample used in this study is random sampling, which is 100 respondents are needed within 4 days, but if within 4 days the respondent is still less than the target, the researcher will ask for more time to reach the targeted number of respondents. In the calculation of the analysis using SPSS, it can be seen that R = 0.870, which value is in the range between 0.80 - 1.00, which means that the correlation or relationship level of the 3 independent variables is in the "very strong" level. Acquisition of SPSS calculation results, which is F count 99.258, this value is greater than FTable (99.258> 2.70). (X2) obtained TStat 9.960> Ttable 1.987, and selling (X3) TStat 2.887> Ttable 1.987. which has the greatest t coefficient value is serving (X2) which is equal to tcount 9.960> Ttable 1.987. Thus, it can be concluded that serving has a dominant effect on consumer buying interest at Sinar BaruPamekasan Dealer.


Sales Strategy; Consumer Buying Interest

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