International and National Legislative Standards for the Protection of Women from the Social Consequences of Labor Migration

Dildora Olimjanovna Akhmedova


Over the past decades, the migration policies of the main destination countries have become much more stringent. In developing and improving migration policies, destination countries faced a difficult task - to find a balance between two factors: free market interests and border control / national security. In the context of globalization in the market, there is a growing demand for cheap and legally uncontrolled labor, while migration policy pays more and more attention to border control and the expulsion of illegal migrants. Millions of migrants are looking for a way out in these difficult conditions, attracted by job opportunities in destination countries, but with little legal access to it. This has resulted in a high growth in illegal migration, which has had a positive impact on many sectors of the economy in destination countries, where they are accustomed to relying on a cheap and flexible labor force - people who agree to any working conditions and are deprived of legal protection. This article is written about the problems and their solutions in different countries of the world faced by women migrants.


Women Migrants; Legal Mechanisms; Labor Migration; Best Practices

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