Study of Kashan Metalworking During Qajar Dynasty with a Religious Approach

Ensieh Sharifi Nejad


This article examines the close relationship between human and religious thoughts, ideas, and beliefs and their artistic manifestations. Since Qajar metalworking has been significantly influenced by religion and also these works are one of the most important immortal documents for studying social, political, cultural, and economic conditions in the Qajar dynasty, the present research was conducted. The main goal of this research is to clarify whether the metalworking of this period has a trend towards evolution? What are the changes of the decorative elements and motifs and symbols, and in the meantime, what effects have religious thoughts and beliefs as an important factor in human life, on the evolution of Qajar metalworking?  The research method was library-documentary; however, the field research method has also been used for the works of the Central and Anthropology Museums in Mashhad along with interviews and photography of the works of several collectors in Kashan such as Mr. Moshki, Mr. Masoudi Niasar, and Mr. Sharif.


Qajar Metalworking; Islamic Metalworking; Metalworking Techniques; Metalworking Motifs; Flag; Nakhl Gardani; Qajar Coins

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