Introducing Shaykh Tusi’s Hermeneutic Perspective in Interpreting the Revelation Words and Predicates with an Emphasis on “Al-Tebyan Fi Tafsir Al-Quran”

Hossein Baghalian


Shaykh Tusi (1068) is considered as a prominent Shīte interpreter who authored “Al-Tebyan Fi Tafsir Al-Quran” in literary-linguistic genre in fifth hegira century. The recognition of the language of the holy script and its various properties constitute Shaykh Tus’s hermeneutic body. By systematic advancement of two various methods in the entirety of Al-Tebyan Exegesis, Shaykh Tusi has made efforts to develop his interpretation perspectives and lay them on the foundation of intellectuality and its indicative tool, Arabic language and linguistics. The author intended in this academic research article to introduce and investigate Shaykh Tusi’s hermeneutic methods that have been so far left unknown.


Islamic Hermeneutics;Arabic linguistics;Al-Tebyan interpretation;Semantics;Quranic words; Revelation predicates

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