Examining the "Guarantor" Rule in New Contracts (Insurance)

Behnaz Zandieh Doulabi


The extent of transactions, in human societies and the non-monopoly of a particular class or individual, and the emergence of new transactions, protecting the financial rights of individuals and informing them of the obligations and financial responsibilities affected by these transactions, requires laws and regulations. If a correct contract is not a guarantee, its corrupt one is not a guarantee. With the emergence of changes in human society and the expansion of trade and economic relations, new issues arose which undoubtedly had new jurisprudential and legal effects. These new issues are called in transactions and trade with different titles. They are interpreted as emerging issues or contracts in order to observe the brevity of the new contracts due to their importance and comprehensiveness, this article has examined only the insurance contract, which has not been discussed in the ancient texts, but contemporary jurists have examined it, and some have considered it an independent contract and some They have considered it in one of the chapters of jurisprudence. The method of data collection in this writing is library and the research method is descriptive-analytical. Although this contract is similar to some specific contracts, it is not an example of any of them. Therefore, some jurists have mentioned insurance as an independent contract. By stating the definition of this contract and the views of the jurists in expressing its place among the contracts, the inclusion of the rule in this contract becomes clear.


Rule; Guarantee; Guarantee Rule; New Contracts; Insurance

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