The Development of Android-Based Map Media on Indonesian Ethnic and Cultural Diversity

Ana Pratiwi Mardatila, Trisnaningsih Trisnaningsih, Pujiati Pujiati


Social studies learning in the revolutionary era 4.0 should use digital maps to visualize the conditions of the earth's surface so that students interpret social studies subject matter more clearly. This study aims to develop a map media product based on the android application "ethnic and cultural diversity". This type of research is research and development using the Borg and Gall model. The stages are (1) research and information gathering, (2) planning, (3) initial product development, and (4) preliminary testing. Collecting data in this study using a validation questionnaire of the feasibility of map media products based on android applications. Data analysis in this research is the feasibility analysis of map media products based on android applications. The result of this research is the development of map media based on android application material on ethnic and cultural diversity that is suitable for use in social studies subjects has been validated by experts and declared "feasible" to be used. The author suggests teachers use android-based map media development products for ethnic and cultural diversity in social studies subject for class VII SMP / MTs in order to answer the challenges of technology-based 21st century learning in the current era of industrial revolution 4.0


Instructional Media; Maps; Android; Cultural Ethnic Diversity

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