The Utilization of Kampung Coconut Fruit (Cocos Nucifera) for a Herbal Massage Oil as an Effort to Improve the Economy of the Cening Village, Pandeglang

Liza Mumtazah Damarwulan, Lutfi Lutfi, Agus David Ramdansyah


The purpose of this research is as an effort to improve the economy of the Cipening village community in Pandeglang by utilizing the coconut fruit. The research method used a qualitative method to explain the training activities of the Coconut Fruit Processing into Herbal Massage Oil. The results showed that there was still minimal use of coconut fruit as an innovative product in the community or MSMEs in Cening Village in particular, which became the basis for this service. The lack of product innovation and diversification of processed coconut products as well as unattractive and standardized packaging encourages the implementation of this service. Meanwhile, the abundance of coconut raw materials in the Cening village environment can be a big capital that can be used as a superior product. As a solution, training in producing herbal massege oil as an effort to develop product innovation, marketing of products and good packaging will also be given to the Cening village community. It is expected that after receiving training, the community and SMEs in Cening Village can innovate products, design their own packaging and be able to independently operate promotional and marketing media. The output result is a standardized product with an attractive product packaging design.


Design; Product Innovation; Package and Village Community Empowerment

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