Factors that Affect Classroom Management in English Classes with Reference to Gore High School, South West Ethiopia

Wakgari Deressa Agemso


This study focused on identifying factors that affect classroom management in English classes and tried to give suggestions for the identified problems. The data were collected from Gore High School grade nine students, and English teachers who teach grade nine. The sample consisted of 213 students, and four English teachers. Then the data were collected and interpreted using qualitative and quantitative data analysis method. Especially, observation, questionnaires/open-ended and close-ended/ and interview were used as data gathering tools. Lastly, based on the result, conclusion and recommendations were made. Some of the findings were identified as negatively impacting on classroom management activities were large number of students in the classroom, poor ability of the teachers in managing classroom activities and school management that did not take satisfactory measures on misbehaved students counted as some factors that affect classroom management. To minimize these problems the researcher recommended that the school should request the society and different organizations to build additional classrooms; taking satisfactory measures on students who always misbehave in the classroom.


Classroom; Management; Misbehave

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v7i11.2242


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