The Influence of Learning Role-Playing Model Toward Competence of Writing Financial Report at Vocational High School

Maraden Junias Arnoldus, Susilaningsih Susilaningsih, Djoko Santoso


This article discusses about influence of learning model of role-playing toward the competence of writing financial report. This article was wrotten by using the quantitative research method with the experimental design of one-group of pretest and posttest. This research was done by giving pretest in the beginning of the lesson to know the beginning competence of the students. The test of hypothesis was done by using Z test with SPSS IBM 22. Based on the beginning calculation, it could be found that p-value (Sig) < α, 0.000<0.05 meant that H0 was rejected. Thus, H1 was stated that the score of posttest was better than the score of pretest. It meant that the learning model of role-playing affected the competence in writing the financial report.


Learning Model; Role-playing Model; Financial Report

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