Tashkent by the Interpretation of Russian Researchers

Ergashev Bahtiyar Ergashevich, Amirkulov Zhasur Bahtiyorovich, Mamatkulova Farangiz Orzukulovna, Asatullaev Mirzhalolhon Isahonovich


The article is devoted to the history of Turkestan in the second half of XIX – beginning of XX centuries. The main object of research is the book by A.I.Dobrosmyslov "Tashkent in the past and present" which was published in 1912. The subject is the study of historical facts stated in the book. The article provides a historical retrospective of the history of Tashkent in the early XX century. The author of the book, being a veteran by profession on the instructions of the administration of the Turkestan General-Governorate, collected a wealth of material on the history of Tashkent. The book, which consists of 15 chapters, covers questions on the history of the city before the conquest, historical facts related to the conquest and the subsequent stages of change and formation of the social and economic life of Tashkent. The authors in the article explore the issues of irrigation in the context of improvement of water supply to the city. The biography of A.I.Dobromyslov is studied separately from the source side. The authors widely used the materials of the Central State Archive of the Republic of Uzbekistan to reveal this problem. They mainly use the official records of the Turkestan General-Governorate Office.


Turkestan; Tashkent; Office; Records Management; Biography; Source

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v7i10.2154


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