Legal Protection of Resigning Workers' Right Over Separation Pay Compensation in Justice Perspective

Atmari Atmari, Budiarsih Budiarsih, Slamet Suhartono


Labor law in Indonesia has not comprehensively provided protection for the rights of resigning workers qualification. Since provisions of labor law does not mention the amount of separation pay for resigning workers. This research is conducted to analyze and find the ratio legis in providing separation pay for resigning workers in the Manpower Act and also the concept of giving separation pay to resigning workers in justice perspective. The research method used in this study is normative legal research by using several approach including philosophical approach, purposive approach, conceptual approach, case approach and historical approach. The result of the study shows that the regulation of separation pay in the Manpower Act is a form of reward for workers given by employers as a reward for devotion and loyalty of workers during a certain period of service. The Regulation of separation pay for resigning workers which reflecting justice is by formulating separation pay for resigning workers equal to the rights of terminated workers because of committing criminal act.


Separation Pay; Workers; Resigning Qualification

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