Cartel Agreement in Business Competition Law Perspective

Poernomowati Poernomowati, L Budi Kagramanto, Endang Prasetyawati


Business competition is actually a business between business actors, where the government does not need to interfere, but in order to create rules of the game in business competition, the government needs to intervene to protect consumers. Because if this is not done, there is a possibility that there will be collusion (collusion) between business actors which will lead to economic efficiency, which in the end is the consumer who will pay the expense of buying goods or services with inadequate price and quality. One of the effects of globalization is the free market. The domestic market has new challenges to compete with other sellers from abroad. The sellers who come usually come from developed countries where competition has long been practiced is a cartel. Business actors who are members of various associations in the discussion of amendments to Law No. 5 of 1999, also has a concept of revision of the Law. Amendments to Law No. 5 of 1999 is considered to only accommodate the interests of one party, namely the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU). Business actors are subject to the law, among others. Objections submitted include amendments to fines for violating Law No. 5 of 1999 a maximum of 30% of turnover.


Business Competition; Cartel; Cartel Impact; Weak Law Enforcement of KPPU

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