Case Settlement Based on the Baduy Indigenous Law System as a Contribution to the National Criminal Law

M. Noor Fajar Al Arif Fitriana, I Nyoman Nurjaya, Abdul Madjid, Nurini Aprilianda


Settlement of cases using positive law is felt to spend a lot of energy and a long time, this would turn around if the settlement using customary law, especially Baduy customary law which is simpler but does not reduce the sense of justice for the litigants from the statement raises the question of how the settlement of the case based on the Baduy system of law. This study uses a social antro legal approach with qualitative analysis.


Baduy Indigenous Law; National Criminal Law

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Interview with Ayah Mursyid in ViBaduy Dalam Village, December, 7, 2019.

Interview with Jaro Saija in Cibeo Village, October, 12, 2019.



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