Situational Leadership Model based on Characteristics in Country Civil Aparatures in the Government Regional Supiori Regency, Papua

Persela Y. Rumere, Heru Kristanti


This research was conducted to analyze differences in leadership styles based on ethnicity and age in the State Civil Apparatus in the Regional Government of Supiori District of Papua. This study uses quantitative research that emphasizes hypothesis testing and uses data collection methods through surveys by distributing questionnaires containing a list of questions answered by selected respondents and they are echelon II, III, and IV leaders of several local government organizations (OPD) in the Environment Supiori District Government has 111 respondents in this study. Data analysis techniques are used to test hypotheses using the F or ANOVA test which is used for testing more than two samples. The test results show that the selection of selling leadership style is very dominant applied by the leaders in the Supiori Regency Local Government Environment and there are differences in the leadership style of the delegating. Based on hypothesis testing there are no significant differences in the style of telling, selling, and participating in leadership based on ethnicity and age.


Situational; Ethnic; Age Leadership Styles

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