Economic Security: Threats, Analysis and Conclusions

Isroilov Bokhodir Ibragimovich, Ibragimov Boburshah Bokhodir ogli, Pardaev Shuhrat Kholikovich, Ibragimov Bekjon Jamol ogli


The national security of the state depends on the level of economic security of the country. Therefore, the concept of national security of developed countries IS paid special attention to the issue of economic security. The economic security of a country depends on its social, economic, financial, political, environmental and epidemiological situation. To assess the existing social, economic, financial, political, environmental and epidemiological situation, they use a system of indicators that represent the situation.

The Covid-19 infection detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, has had a negative impact on economic stability and development along with the social situation in all countries of the world. International financial institutions forecast that the growth of the world economy and the recession will decrease even more than the 2008 financial and economic crisis.

In order to prevent the negative consequences of the pandemic, Uzbekistan, like many countries around the world, has imposed socio-economic and administrative restrictions. These restrictions have a negative impact on living standards, incomes, the state budget and the economic situation. The decline in economic activity of the economic sector and the population also undermines the economic security of the country. For this reason, the authors have developed recommendations for economic security in the context of Covid-19 infection.


Pandemic; Economy; Society; Socio-Economic; Consequences; Crisis; National Security; Economic Stability

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