Implementation of Land Registration that Will Become Regional Government Assets at the Muko-Muko District Land Office

Febri Virginia, Azmi Fendri, Muhammad Hasbi


The new paradigm of regional autonomy and the increasing demands of the implementation of regional governments are demanded to be good in the management of regional property, such as land which is part of the management of regional wealth, then supervised and examined internally and externally, for accountability of implementation, for this it is necessary to register it on National Land Agency office. In this connection, it is necessary to review legally the implementation of land registration as a regional asset. The main issues in the discussion are about how the form of legal regulation of the registration of land assets of the local government in the Mukomuko District National Land Agency and how the implementation of the registration of government land assets at the Mukomuko District National Land Agency and how the legal consequences on the land assets of the Mukomuko Regional Government are not listed in the Mukomuko's National Land Office. The problem approach used is empirical juridical with data sources in the form of primary and secondary data. Analysis of the data that has been obtained using qualitative analysis so that it can be described in accordance with the legal facts. From the results of the research and discussion guided by the formulation of the research problem, obtained an illustration that the form of legal arrangements for the registration of local government assets, Besides guiding the Basic Agrarian Law and provisions on land registration in general, it also refers to the provisions on state treasury, regulations regarding the management of state / regional property and technical guidelines for the implementation of regional property management. In the implementation of the registration, it can be said that the regional assets in the form of state / regional property in the form of land have been registered at the National Land Agency by first carrying out an inventory, the aim is to obtain legal certainty over the control of these assets, so that they are in accordance with their allotment and accountability for their use. As a result of the law not registered assets, resulting in the absence of legal certainty over it, so that the guarantee of its legal use is still weak,


Registration; Land and Local Government Assets

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Interview with Anto Suharto, Head of Legal Relations Section of the Mukonuko District BPN, 11 December 2018.

Interview with Budiarto, STHead of Assets of the Mukonuko District Finance Agency, December 19, 2018. (Audited as of December 31, 2018).



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