Legal Certainty in the Settlement of Embezzlement in the Family with the Restorative Justice Method

Akhirudin Akhirudin, Ismansyah Ismansyah, Aria Zurnetti


Crimes embezzlement in the family is a crime that can be processed if there is a complaint from the injured victim. In the practice of law enforcement against embezzlement in the family in the Jurisdiction of the West Pasaman District Court, the judge in making a decision to grant the request of the victim to withdraw his complaint even though the time period specified in Article 75 of the Criminal Code has been exceeded. JudgeNumber 137 / Pid.B / 2019 / PN PsbAgainstSettlementof Dark Family Crimes in the Legal Area of the West Pasaman District Court. The purpose of the study was to see how the judge is considered in making the afforementioned determination. The method used is normative effective. This type of research is descriptive using secondary data.


Legal Certainty; Restorative Justice; Embezzlement; Family

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