Management Education Regarding Ethical Issues and the Role of Health Providers to Involve the Resolution at Clinical Practice

Rr. Sri Endang Pujiastuti, Arwani Arwani, Marsum Marsum, Agussalim Agussalim


Ethical issues are commonly occurred in nursing care when health providers face some a broad dimension in patients’ right, interdisciplinary collaboration, psychosocial support for post forum depression, patients’ advocacy and abortion. This paper shows the midwives as health providers’ overview of ethics of childbearing, understanding of informed decision making, and moral distress in nursing care. As health provider has moral experienced when values, beliefs, and ethical standards are in conflict with standard health care practices. The method was the experiment research with 105 nursing student’s respondents. The data collecting using questionnaires, interviews. The intervention of this study implement the concepts of ethical issues, roles, and resolutions of ethical issues. The students had assignments for collecting some journals, understanding the concept, and analyzing of the case of ethical issues. In recent  times has  been  presented ethical  issues in  nursing  care including a  neglected often seek the difficult situation because of incompetent patient,  the conflict of family support, the role of collaboration, the limitation of facility, and the implementation of informed consent. The previous studies showed that patient has not enough information, suffered conditions, stress hospitalized to involve the decisions. Therefore, as part of providing care, health providers especially midwives should active participate to promote ethical consideration in nursing care. The ethical considerations promote quality of care to achieve a good decision when facing ethical conflicts. Moreover, the health providers ensure the ethical decision that the goal of care is to meet not just physical needs but also patient’ right, advocacy, values, justice and confidentiality. The role of health providers participate to help patient and families in making decisions based on their values, spiritual dimensions, the ethical principles.


Ethical Issues; Nursing Care; Midwives; Health Providers

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