Assessment of Implementation of Guidance and Counselling Programmers in Post-Primary Schools in Anambra State

John Chinedu Nnamemeka


The study assessed the implementation of guidance and counselling programmes in public post-primary schools in Anambra state. Four research questions and four null hypotheses guided the study. Evaluative research design was used. The entire population of 124 Professional Counsellors in schools in Anambra was studied due to its small and manageable size. A validated self-questionnaire was used for data collection. Internal consistency reliability coefficient of 0.74 was established using Cronbach Alpha. Data was collected through direct delivery method and analyzed using mean, standard deviation and t-test. The results of the study revealed that guidance counsellors in public post-primary schools implement orientation, career convention, teachers’ forum and leadership training programmes to a great extent. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that government should formulate and implement policy measures or programmes that could help in seeing that guidance counsellors are always updated, in relations to the fast growing society.


Assessment; Guidance Counsellors; Implementation; Public Post-Primary Schools; Counselling Programmers

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