The Civil Liability System of the Islamic Republic Government for Involuntarily Liabilities With Emphasis on the Principles of Jurisprudence

Mohsen Lezgi, Hossein Saberi, Seyyed Mohsen Jalali


The duties of the government in the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran in relation to involuntarily civil liabilities are one of the important and necessary issues that can be discussed considering the increasing importance of citizens' rights. The present study uses the library method to examine the mentioned questions. The results of the research indicate that in the law of the Islamic Republic, which is based on the jurisprudential principles of the religion of Islam, the government is committed for involuntarily responsibilities. The jurisprudential rules of "no harm, correlation, A big head has a big ache , surety is liable for compensation , murder will out , advantages and interests of an object follows the risk , the ruler is the abstaining guardian , the wise institution of the state" are related to involuntarily responsibilities of the state. Some examples of government duties for involuntarily responsibilities include the absence of an heir or the heir's inability to pay diyāt , the judge's mistake in judging, the government's obligation to deal with unforeseen events, and death due to overcrowding or involuntary falls of another person and the government's duty to pay the ransom for traffic accidents that do not identify the culprit.


Civil Liability; Government; Islamic Republic; Non-Voluntary Duties; Jurisprudential Principles

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