State Defense Efforts through Strengthening Cyber Law in Dealing with Hoax News

Hermina Manihuruk, Dwi Desi Yayi Tarina


Geographically, Indonesia's position in the crossing of continents, between Asia and Australia, and between two oceans, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, is a natural trajectory for trade, exploitation of marine products and military traffic. Comparable with the level of threat, Indonesia has great potential to make other interested parties not carelessly indiscriminate to divide Indonesia. Cyber law is a legal aspect whose term originates from cyberspace law, the scope of which covers every aspect relating to individuals or legal subjects who use and utilize internet technology that begins when they begin to "go online" and enter cyberspace. The government has made a special regulation regarding cyber law which is realized as Law Number 11 Year 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions. Strengthening cyber law in Indonesia is essential, to strive for national defense. Not only protect the public, but also protect nationally from the threat of cyber crime. So that the creation of a tool to convince the international world, regarding the existence of strict regulations in cyber defense as an effort to defend the country to build global security.


State Defense; Cyber; Hoax

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