Performance Model in Public Services: Case Study at the Population and Civil Registry Office of Maros Regency

Sulfianna Sulfianna, Juanda Nawawi, Hamsinah Hamsinah, Badu Ahmad


This study aims to describe and analyze performance in public services and produce a model of performance in public services in Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration Maros Regency. This study uses qualitative methods with a qualitative descriptive approach, qualitative descriptive research. Data collection techniques used in research are by interview and observation. The results showed that the performance in public services at Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration Maros Regency is seen from the efficiency, effectiveness, satisfaction, and survival in organizations that are not carried out in accordance with the duties and responsibilities to achieve organizational goals, it is necessary to improve improvements in performance. So, to realize the achievement of the objectives, it is necessary to have a model recommendation so as to facilitate the implementation of work that can be applied, namely organizational coordination, organizational size, and organizational performance management and community involvement in providing service assessments with recommendations for the model applied in realizing organizational goals, namely organizational coordination, size organization, management of organizational performance and community involvement in government.


Organizational Performance; Public Service; Performance Model

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