Procurement of Land for the Development of Pekanbaru-Kandis-Dumai Toll Road on the Land of Oil and Gulta Business Concession in Riau Province

Monika Fatmawati Bagus, Yuslim Yuslim, Zefrizal Nurdin


National development is an effort to improve all aspects of the life of the people, nation and state. Land Procurement for public interest is an activity of providing land for public / public interests for the implementation of development projects carried out by the government or agencies that require land. Riau Province is one of the provinces in Sumatra which is very strategic. The movement of goods and services greatly affects the amount of traffic in the province, especially in the cities of Pekanbaru and Dumai. To overcome and accelerate the movement of goods and services, access is needed to anticipate traffic burdens. One alternative solution is to build the Pekanbaru-Kandis-Dumai Toll Road that connects the movement from Pekanbaru to Dumai. There are problems in the implementation of land acquisition, Commitment Making Officers and the Land Acquisition Committee encounter obstacles in providing compensation because the land / land owned is the land / concession area of PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia is listed as an asset of the State Property, so the releasing party is the Directorate General of State Assets. The State Property and has been submitted to the Ministry of Finance the Director General of State Assets to be transferred for use of the toll road by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

The method used is analytical descriptive, which reveals laws and regulations relating to Land Acquisition and law in its implementation in the community regarding the resolution of the Land Acquisition problem. This research uses an empirical juridical approach that is conducting research with emphasis on the application of paying land acquisition law in the form of laws, PPs, Permen, Perkaban and other regulations on Land Procurement. Data collected in the form of primary data, obtained from relevant parties in the Land Acquisition in the research location, secondary data obtained from secondary legal materials, primary legal materials and linear legal materials.

From the research it was found that the concessionaire PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia (PT.CPI) based on Decree of the Head of the Riau Level I Swatantra Region in Tanjung Pinang dated June 5, 1959 Number: 091/48/59. The status of land such as the concession must be converted by the concession holder into a Land Right in accordance with the conversion provisions regulated in the Basic Agrarian Law Number 5 of 1960 concerning Basic Agrarian Rules Article IV. But based on DJKN letter No. S-884 / KN.4 / 2017 dated November 7, 2017 concerning the Statement of State Property, the land has been registered as State Property.


Land Procurement; State Property; Toll Roads

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Interview with Ms. Eva Monalisa as the Commitment Making Officer

Interview with Mr. Muhammad Ganjar Nugraha, as Staff of the Directorate General of State Assets of the Ministry of Finance.


Application letter from the Community Search for Justice Forum on 27 February 2019

Siak Regent Letter Number 590 / BPT / I / 2020/09 dated January 9, 2020



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