Investigation of the Relationship between Faith and Attitude from the Viewpoint of the Holy Quran

Sedigheh Soleimani, Mansour Pahlavan, Mohsen Imani, Mahmoud Abaeikoopaei


Faith and attitude as two important categories have many similarities and differences. Beliefs and attitudes are not the same, they are different in concept and character, they have established one as a sacred preacher and the other as psychologists. However, the remarkable similarities and the strong relationship between them are illustrated in a descriptive-analytic manner. The paper deals with the central role of "faith" in the verses of the Holy Quran and "attitude" in social psychology. This paper uses a descriptive-analytical research method. The findings of the study indicate that the religious pattern of attitude change as an internal mechanism, by increasing the coefficient of intellectual and spiritual transformation, reaches the highest level of beliefs in three cognitive, emotional and behavioral dimensions.


Faith; Attitude; Quran

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