Epistemic-Behavioral Strategies for Promoting Mental Health of Community from the Qur'an's Viewpoint

Gholamreza Maarefi, Seyyed Shahb-al-Din Hosseini


This study aims at explaining the epistemic-behavioral strategies of the Holy Qur’an in how to provide and promote the mental health of the community. For this purpose, verses and narratives related to the subject were searched and categorized. Then, by using descriptive-analytic method, Qur’anic teachings were collected and we obtained two categories of epistemic and behavioral strategies. In the epistemic domain some issues Influence on mental health, issues such as faith, monotheism, being with the Qur’an, modifying the attitude to life, positive attitudes to others and feeling responsible; and in the behavioral domain some issue such as prayer, adherence to righteous deeds, promoting a culture of charity and social support are influential in promoting the mental health.


Qur’an; Mental Health; Epistemic Approach; Behavioral Approach

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v7i1.1383


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