The Application of Blended Learning Using Google Classroom for Teaching Writing at Sman 1 Praya

Rijnan Rijnan, Kamaludin Yusra, M. Amin, M. Tesol


Technology has been growing at a terrific rate for quite some time now, and has become an integral part of everyone‟s daily life. Blended Learning and Google Classroom as a learning platform is believed to offer solution to the teaching of English, particularly for teaching writing. This research was aimed to investigate students‟ opinion on how Google Classroom as learning, in a blended learning setting, was implemented in teaching writing. This research employed a qualitative approach with case study design. This research involved 20 participants from the eleven grade of SMAN 1 Praya, Indonesia. The data were collected through test, questionnaire, interview and documentation. The result showed that in teaching writing, there was improvement in students‟ ability. The students showed various responses toward the use of blended learning using Google classroom. Some issues on the use of Google classroom identified in this research were ease of access, usefulness of online learning, students‟ satisfaction in online learning, confused in using Google Classroom and internet balance. The suggestion for teachers, students and next researchers are presented.


Google Classroom; Blended Learning; Writing

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